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Avidyne Announces EX600 MFD

Avidyne has announced the EX600 as the replacement to the EX500. Here is a quick rundown as to the features and benefits:

  • Larger screen – The EX600 will have a screen that is 5.8”X4.61” making it the same size in the panel as the GMX200
  • Map Panning – They have added a Pan feature to the map page enabling the user to pan to virtually any were on the map to view weather, airspace, etc.
  • Operating System – The operating system is the same basic easy to use system as the EX500 just on a larger display (40% more Pixels than EX500)
  •  Vibe Testing – The EX600 will go through vibration testing for certification into Helicopters
  • RDR Interfaces – It will offer the same interfaces using the same pin outs as the EX500


Pricing will be the same as the EX500 and they will be offering a trade in program for EX500 customers with EX600 shipments beginning Mid-December.

Call Doug Bramer at 812-246-4696, ext 701, for details.

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